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Noodle Stand Tokyo ヌードルスタンド東京

Noodle Stand Tokyo ヌードルスタンド東京
Noodle Stand Tokyo ヌードルスタンド東京 Sign

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Noodle Stand Tokyo has established itself as an ethical Ramen shop. They say “you can eat delicious ramen with confidence”. All of there ingredients are locally sourced and there are no chemical ingredients.

Noodle Stand Tokyo also boasts a low carb menu with 35% less sugar. Their online menu lists where all their ingredients come from and FYI, their green smoothy made from coconut oil is delicious!

There is one main reason Noodle stand Tokyo was put on the map however, and that is their absolutely delicious vegan ramen dish! In the UK we have a restaurant called Wagamama and they make a Yasai Itame with a coconut broth and it tastes amazing. However, Noodle Stand Tokyo makes more or less the same dish but with more flavor and its made with coconut oil and is completely vegan as opposed to Wagamamas dish which is not.

Noodle Stand Tokyo ヌードルスタンド東京
Noodle Stand Tokyo Vegan Ramen with Coconut Broth

There are only two or three dishes and a lot of variants of those dishes. The Gyu-Nikomi Mazesoba which is stewed beef on noodles with no broth, the Kuroshio which is dried sardines soup noodles which you can add pork back fat and other things to, and the Coconut Miso Ramen which you can choose to be vegan.  I have tried all three and I can say without a shadow of a doubt (as a meat eater) I much prefer the vegan option!

Noodle Stand Tokyo ヌードルスタンド東京

Its located in Harajuku. Typing Noodle Stand into Google maps will pull up the location. The entrance is a little bit hidden but not impossible to find. It’s right next to this cookie monster thing. Can’t really miss it to be honest. You order your meal with this vending machine, then a really nice lady will come over and make sure you did it correctly, ask if you want any extras then show you to your seat.

Noodle Stand Tokyo ヌードルスタンド東京

In total, I think there are about 11 seats, four to a table as soon as you enter, two more by the wall on the far side under the brightly lit “Ramen” sign, and five or so around the bar. You shouldn’t have to wait long before being seated however.  This being a fast Raman place nobody ever sticks around after they have finished eating.

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