Exploring Asia’s biggest China Town | Yokohama


Yokohama has many things to see and do and at the center of it all is China Town. Yokohama has the largest China Town in all of Asia! That’s one hell of a brag! The reason for this is when Yokohama opened its ports to foreign trade in 1859, a lot of Chinese workers and seamen stayed and settled down here.


One of the main reasons I recommend going here is the food! There is amazing street food everywhere you look! Crepes, steamed buns, ramen, and the sheer amount of authentic Chinese restaurants is breathtaking!


I ate at the Chojo Hanten restaurant which made the best vegetarian alternatives! I found the restaurant using Happycow. Happycow is an amazing website dedicated to helping vegans and vegetarians find places to eat. I have mentioned Happycow a few times in my blog here and if you are vegetarian or vegan I highly recommend you check it out.

Yokohama really comes alive when the sun goes down. China Town and the surrounding port really light up with decorations and modern art installations. I am currently planning my next visit.

Even though the Chinese New Year celebrations are over, it does not mean that China Town is any less of a must visit location! The town is bustling every day with Chinese restaurants, businesses, and shops! You will be sure to find something that grabs your attention. Check out for the latest offers!

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