Hotel Vista Premio Yokohama Minato-Mirai


Traveling Japan isn’t something I have really done yet, so it was nice to finally get a few days off. I wanted to know what I should do with my newly acquired freedom. A friend advised me that it’s the middle of the Chinese New Year and there is a lot going on in the Yokohama China Town.

So I jumped on and found Hotel Vista Premio in the Minato Mirai area. I dare say my luck is getting better because this place is great!

I booked a room with a seafront view and this is what I got. It overlooks the harbour, gives an amazing view of the city, and it only gets better at night.

IMG_3695 (1)

I have looked at some of the reviews online about the Hotel Vista Premio and they range from excellent to very good. No poor and no terrible reviews. Which in this day and age of self-entitled critics is very impressive.


The room was big and had everything you would expect a hotel to have. TV, kettle, phone, and fridge. The bathroom with dedicated wetroom and bath was amazing! To top it off it had a separate toilet with green tea scented toilet paper!



Literally, the two things stopping me from giving this place a five-star review is that you don’t get any coffee in the room. You have to go to the reception, past the reception staff and into the waiting area where the coffee machine is.

Those of you who know me, know that I can’t function without a coffee in my hand at all times. So having to get in the elevator, travel down 3 floors, walk past the (very lovely) staff, so that I can refill my coffee was a bit of a ball ache.  They only had tea in the room for some reason. The pillows were filled with some kind of ball bearings. I’m not even joking. I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to fill a pillowcase full of beans and rubber bullets but here we are. I had to take the pillow cover off and put it on the chair cushion to get a good nights sleep.


You get a really good amount of amenities! Call me what you want, but when a hotel room has lots of free stuff my swag bag comes out and my shifty mode activates. Face wash, razors, hair brushes, PJs, slippers, toothbrushes, hair ties. If you are a woman you get a few extras when you check in, which is sexist AF by the way! I also enjoy fancy face serums! It’s 2019! Jeez!

Overall, Hotel Vista Premio is a great choice if you would like to experience the night cityscape views of Yokohama. The proximity to attractions is also excellent. Although there are a few minor niggles (such as the coffee), for a short term city getaway or a business visit, this is a good option. Visit <-use my link to get £15 off.




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